Shamash is a 10 Minute, 2 Player game symbolizing the Chanukah, the Miracle of Lights, through the lighting of the Menorah.  

Set Up is easy, with 11 Candle Cards Shuffled and placed face down in a line. Then 3 cards are placed on top of the end cards and the middle card (which represent the Handles and the Shamash).

Shamash is played over 8 Rounds, divided into two phases: (1) Candle Drafting and (2) Candle Lighting.

During the drafting phase, players alternate taking 1 of 3 actions (Peeking, Flipping, or Swapping Candles) AND always taking 1 Candle Card. 

During the Lighting Phase, players alternate playing Candle Cards face-up (which may contain 0-3 Lit Candles on their face) in an attempt to ultimately place a Candle Card resulting in 8 Lit Candles.

The game ends when 8 or More Candles have been Lit, or when each player has played all of their Candle Cards. Victory Points determine the winner. The Player ending the game gets the blue Shamash Points. Each player gets their own red Lit VPs for cards they played, black hand VPs for cards still in hand, and gray Handle VP if they were able to fulfil the secret objective on the Candle Card under their Handle.

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