Insert Imagination
Insert Imagination (TM) is a board game design, prototyping, and self-print-on-demand system.  It's a series of clear/insertable components designed to hold printed graphics. Components include ProtoBoxes (TM), ProtoBoards (TM), ProtoTiles (TM), ProtoTokens (TM), ProtoCards (TM), ProtoChits (TM), ProtoSpinners(TM), ProtoDice (TM), ProtoPawns (TM), ProtoDials (TM), and other ProtoBits (TM)!   

When it comes to prototyping for fun, profit, and/or education, Insert Imagination components allow game designers/developers to laser focus their efforts on their rules, mechanics, graphics, and play testing!  Insert Imagination saves precious time and resources during the initial construction and when making frequent changes to the prototype. With Insert Imagination, making changes is as quick and simple as printing, trimming/paper punching, and swapping out the previous insert. There is no waiting around weeks for a third party to make and ship your prototype in que.       
Print-and-Play (PNP).
When it comes to PNP games, Insert Imagination offers DIY game crafters an alternative, reusable, and adhesive-free system, saving them time, money, an possible adverse health effects involved with inhalation of adhesives.  
Self-Publishing with Print On Demand
Insert Imagination allows designers to "have their cake and eat it too," by affording them: 

(1) Print On Demand (POD) Capability.  Whether a customer orders 1 copy directly, or a retailer orders 3-5 copies, you can print and assemble games on-site (or even from your home), with little more than a desktop computer, printer, and pair of scissors.

(2)  Economics of Scale and Flexibility.  As Insert Imagination components are "blank," self-publishers do not have to commit materials , capital, or storage space to any particular game title until a game is actually ordered and paid for.  Discounts are also available when ordering in bulk.        

(3) Avoidance of Minimum Production Orders, Months of Delay, International Logistics and Politics.  It's not uncommon for manufactures to require a minimum order of a 1000+ units, and to need more than 90 days to manufacture and export the games to you by shipping container.  Not to mention the possible headaches with customs and tariffs.  Then you are forced to warehouse the unsold copies somewhere, until you are lucky enough to begin selling to distributors.  With Insert Imagination, you can manufacture the game domestically, and ship it out the very same day it is ordered.    

(4) Electronic Distribution/Component-Free Capability:  In addition to traditional manufacturing, Insert Imagination enables self-publishers to reduce their manufacturing and distribution costs (as well as their carbon foot print) should they opt to sell and distribute PNP versions of their game (electronic copies), or even just the insertable materials and rules for their game.  After all, once a customer already owns enough Insert Imagination components required to play 1 game, those components can easily be repurposed to assemble new games.  

If you would like to acquire Insert Imagination components for making prototypes and demo copies of your game please join our Insert Imagination Group for details and a discount!
Insert Imagination is Responsible.  
As you know (and many of your customers will appreciate) "Reuse - Repurpose - Recycle" is the motto of the Green Movement. At its core, Insert Imagination enables game designers, publishers, and players to potentially reduce their carbon foot prints by reusing and repurposing their Insert Imagination gaming components from game to game.  Less trees will be cut. Less oil will be burned. Less trash produced. 
As a game designer myself, I needed a way to prototype my latest designs immediately and in a consistent manner.  I needed the ability to make changes easily, economically, and in an environmentally friendly format.  Moreover, I also needed my prototypes to be ergonomically and aesthetically pleasing enough to pique the interest of play testers, potential customers, and to be able to pitch it to publishers. I soon realized
that I was not the only game designer in need of such a system; so I decided to develop and share it!
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