Panelist, Guest Speaking, and/or Media Presence.

Do you need a Panelist or Speaker for your Convention or Event? Our areas of expertise include Game Design, Development, Prototyping, Crowdfunding, Self-Publishing, Social Media Content Creation, YouTube Reviews, Industry Best Practices, Business Law, Contract Law, and Intellectual Property Law Discussions.   

Contact us for availability and honorarium information.
Board Game Prototype Creation.

Using your art, design, and rules, we will create a prototype of your board or card game that is compatible with our Insert Imagination component system.  We will format and create a PNP copy of your game that can be printed, trimmed, and inserted into Insert Imagination Components that is perfect for your design, development, play testing, demoing, and for use as a review copy.   
Gamify your Novel/Comic/Sculpts/Music.

Let our team design, adapt, and/or integrate a tabletop game with your brand or IP. Give your existing customers added value and expose your works to new audiences.  

PNP files are the default product output and they will be compatible with Insert Imagination component system.  

For additional fees, we can create physical copies of the game, and/or provide a platform for distribution of the game in PNP/POD formats along with your original works.

Contact us for further details.  
Fresh Eyes Rules Review and Rules Content Creation.

We will review your rules and diagrams for clarity, consistency, efficiency, and efficacy.  We can also assist you with creating Full Rules, Diagrams, Quick Play Rules, and How to Play Videos.