Microvores (TM)
Microvores: A Game of Parasites.  Includes everything you need to get going for 2-4 players, including the Board, Microbes, Spinner, Evolutions, and Food/Toxin Tokens. In a randomly generated world, players assume the role of Microbes and make strategic decisions to hunt & gather, evolve, mutate, and subdivide in order to achieve victory through proliferation or eradication. 
Microvores: A Chemical Romance
An illustrated short story, inspired by the game Microvores, that explores the daily lives of  microbes from the human perspective.   
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Microvores: The Drift
An 18 Card Solo Deckbuilding Microgame. Live the life of a Microbe exploring the wilds, hunting, gathering, battling nasty germs, growing, evolving, and proliferating in a scummy flotsam. 
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