Citadel: Alien Infiltration
Lead Designer: David Altman
Citadel: A.I.
Co-Designer: Brian Fiore
David was born near Trenton, New Jersey, but spent most of his life in South Florida. After graduating from Florida Atlantic University in Philosophy, he began his career in Sales and Customer Service.  Twenty years later, he began his career in the banking industry.  David is a father of two and a husband to a beautiful Brazilian born woman.

David loves gaming. After playing a game he enjoys for hours on end, he tends to make “expansions” and tweak the rules to keep it fresh.  These enhancements finally led him to starting from scratch. With help from the gaming community, David took these ideas and started making playable games for the mass market.  

...In Beta Testing Phase
1-6 Players
15 Min +10 Min P/Player
Ages 13+
Genre: Sci-Fi + Conspiracy