In addition to providing innovative and dynamic solution based consulting regarding any matters of concern, we pool creative minds to develop and manufacture interesting products for your intellectual consumption and entertainment.  

Need a Panelist or Guest Speaker for your Convention or Event? Our areas of expertise include Game Design, Prototyping, Crowdfunding, Self-Publishing, Video Podcasting, Business and Intellectual Property Law discussions. Contact us for availability and fees. 
Prototyping and Demo Copy Services.

Using Insert Imagination components, we will create a copy of your game for you that you can use for prototyping, beta testing, as a demo copy to send to reviewers, or if you just want to create your own game to play.     
File Preparation Services.

We will prepare and format your files so that they are compatible for use with Insert Imagination components.  Once your files are prepared you can create PNP ii compatible copies, order Prototypes, Demo Copies, or POD copies of your game.  Templates are also available if you prefer to format your files.