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Clockgirl can freeze an object in time for maybe a few seconds. Her teammate, Rainbow, can manipulate and control colors. And A-Bomb? Well, his head his a high-grades explosive. It is probably good for one use. This humorous story of the league of (useless) heroes is about overcoming insurmountable odds using while making the most of these un-extraordinary powers. Clockgirl is created by former Kubert School student and the creator of “Pineapple Street”, David Ayala.
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Hi! We are cosplayers from the Orlando Area. Our goal is to make anime and video game characters come to life through our love of crafting. Current Members are Pink (Cheryl), Jace (Jason), and Tora (Tiffany). Jason is the prop man. He uses a variety of materials to make his props such as wood, worbla, foam and PVC. He is fairly new to cosplay, but he has a long history of making weapons for LARP. Cheryl is the team's seamstress and painter. Cheryl does not have any formal training in pattern making or sewing, but her love for crafts really pushes her to learn new skills. Both have some leather working experience although Cheryl tends to lean towards carving and tooling and Jason is great at stitching and construction. Tiffany is fairly new to cosplay, but she is a quick learner and extremely talented. Her very first cosplay was Korra from Avatar, but she hopes to add a lot more costuming throughout the year. Cosplay is a hobby for us, but we love working together and making new friends at conventions.